Parent Engagement Project

We believe that one of the key components in supporting education in Doña Ana County is reaching out to parents. Providing parents with multiple outlets through which to be engaged in their child’s education is critical to many parents who are often busy working full time. We also believe it is important to give parents the skills they need to help develop early literacy and numeracy in their young children, to navigate the school system and get involved at their children’s school, and to help prepare their children to apply and succeed in post-secondary education.

In order accomplish these outreach and skill-development goals, the partnership has:

  1. Developed and implemented a survey to assess the level of knowledge or information that a parent has related to their child’s school or educational needs. This survey at the same time serves as first contact with families to take the opportunity to invite them to participate in a forum or a workshop related to topics of interest for educational success.
  2. Identified promotoras and parent leaders to train in reaching out to families on educational issues, either by going door to door or through community meetings.