Key Community and Education Leaders come together

March 10, 2013

Key Community and Education Leaders began discussing the need for the entire community to come together and focus on how we collectively support children’s success and opportunity

The Partnership in Dona Ana County

June 2, 2013

The partnership convened education-focused non-profit organizations throughout Doña Ana County to discuss the services each organization provides as well as the gaps that exist.

The Education Landscape

November 23, 2013

The partnership published The Education Landscape, providing a broad statistical overview of education in Doña Ana County.

Initial leadership team

December 15, 2013

An initial leadership team of partners representing broad cross-sections of the community was convened to help provide guidance and break down barriers that the partnership might face.

Education Partnership Lauched

March 1, 2014

Over 100 people, including students, parents,teachers, elected officials, nonprofit and community leaders came together to formally launch the education partnership. Read More

Early childhood education plan on the way

September 23, 2014

Over 40 leaders in Early Childhood Education were convened to begin developing a comprehensive early childhood education plan for Doña Ana County.

Education Summit

April 10, 2015

Over eighty representatives from different sectors of the community gathered for the SUCCESS Summit. A busy day of cross-sector dialogue yielded the basis for a community agenda… Read More