K-Career: Students Succeeding Academically and Thriving in Our Local Workforce

The success of our community and economy is directly tied to our students and residents receiving an equitable education and access to post-secondary and career opportunities.

Since the SUCCESS Partnership was formed in 2013, there have been measurable increases in access to early childhood education in Doña Ana County (DAC), and a 72% increase in collaborations between early childhood providers involved in the Partnership (CCA, NMSU, 2017). Other notable outcomes include the formation of a children’s museum project expected to take off in 2022, the launch of community schools, and a focus on county-wide family engagement.

The work of the SUCCESS Partnership continues, and we are excited to expand our lens of focus and bring results to students across the entire prenatal-to-career spectrum as we launch the Doña Ana County Kindergarten-Career Coalition. To see lasting change in education realized in DAC, we need the early childhood, K-12, post-secondary, and workforce sectors to be aligned and integrated with one another.

To make sure our students thrive in school and life, this work has to be community-driven, data-informed, collaborative, and equitable. We’re incredibly grateful for all of you as we move forward together. Your participation is instrumental in identifying work that is already being done, bringing intentional collaboration across sectors, and unifying efforts to help all of our students succeed in school and life.

Whether you have been a long-time collaborator with the SUCCESS Partnership or you’re just beginning to get involved, your participation is vital in establishing a diverse K-Career Coalition of educators, nonprofits, parents, elected officials, businesses, faith-based entities, and more, who are committed to improving education outcomes in Doña Ana County (DAC).

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