High School Convening

This meeting was the official launch of the High School Completion Action Network of the Success Partnership. This network will work toward the ultimate goal of increasing the number of students who will graduate from high school in Doña Ana County.


At the meeting, groups identified specific barriers that stand in the way of high school completion and actionable strategies to raise graduation rates. Groups then discussed the assets that are available in the community that can be tapped into, as well as the resources that are not currently being utilized. They also identified the specific barriers that stand in the way of progress. Finally, they discussed actionable items to begin moving forward.



Below is a list of 8 strategies for improving high school completion

Implement early detection & intervention of kids falling behind focusing on social and emotional factors

Emphasize career connection with education (including career coaches, internships, and vocational topics)

Increase flexibility (schedules, credit recovery, success measures, course offerings & selection, minimize standardized testing)


Educate, support & train parents (individualize next step planning conferences with teachers)

Implement targeted academic interventions (Algebra I, tutors, 3rd grade math & reading)

Offer additional high quality professional development (cross training for educators)


Promote a culture of support (counseling, mentorship, freshman seminar, boys & girls club)

Offer material incentives (community celebrates academic success)