The Education Summit

On April 10, 2015, over eighty representatives from different sectors of the community gathered for the SUCCESS Summit. A busy day of cross-sector dialogue yielded the basis for a community agenda the we can work towards for all children throughout Doña Ana County.


After spending 90 minutes getting to know each other and discussing our hopes and dreams for the future of the children of Doña Ana County, we asked ourselves this focus question:
“In the next 10-15 years, what signs of success will demonstrate a world class education in Doña Ana County?”

After hours of thought and discussion, eleven community outcomes emerged:



These eleven categories will form the foundation of our community agenda. We will work together in the coming year to agree on metrics to assess our current status and future progress on these action areas, as well as strategies to move forward.

Equitable and Sufficient Resources in DAC

  • Equitable distribution of resources between schools resources for all
  • Every student has access to state of the art resources and tech
  • Equitable distribution of resources between schools

Increased Access and Success in Post-Secondary Education

  • College is free and universal
  • Create a strength based learning and culture that leads to college accessibility to every child
  • 100% of 17-18 year olds transition successfully to choice (college or career) graduation rates go up and eliminate gap
  • Higher enrollment and completion of college (60-70%)
  • 75% participation in post-secondary education and training

90% + High School Graduation Rate

  • 96% graduation rate
  • 90% graduation rate
  • Increase literacy at all grade levels


Improved Well-Being Through Key Quality-of -Life Indicators

  • Top 10 Annie E. Casey for child well being
  • Quality of life indicators
  • 10% reduction in kids living in poverty
  • Increase family resilience

Valued and Expanded Cultural Diversity and Improved Bi-lingual Competency in Education

  • 50% of students earn bilingual seal at graduation
  • Every child is bilingual

Increased Student Participation in Decision Making

  • Organizations established for student voice
  • Student membership on school board
  • Students empowered to make choices about future
  • Students feel accepted, loved, and empowered in the school system
  • Parents and students have central voice in school system


Creative Education That Values Individual Strengths and Interests

  • Learning specific to individual child’s creativity
  • Student owned education where students are valued hopeful and prepared
  • Community service learning
  • Project based learning
  • Student centered education
  • Unified relationships with all partners focused on the children
  • Every student reaches his/her full potential
  • Value creativity and fine arts
  • Universal Montessori and Pre-K (child centered)

Value Our Educational Workforce

  • Educational workforce fully supported, well-paid and valued
  • Retention and Recruitment of good teachers
  • Value/Pay teachers
  • Educators are valued and prepared to facilitate all learners

Integrated Education Systems with Career Workforce Opportunities

  • Educated workforce to attract business and employment
  • Increased non-college based opportunities
  • A culture of family friendliness in the workplace
  • Economic investment in the community
  • Strong local workforce


Increased Parent Collaboration

  • Community support for parents
  • Quality effective parenting skills
  • Students advocated by schools, parents, and teachers

Create a Community Culture of Learning

  • Community members adopt and practice positive youth development
  • Schools are positive community centers
  • Continuous culture of learning from prenatal to grave
  • Community leader involved in making decisions about education
  • At least one school in each district is community based